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Dogpatch and Western Railroad - The home of easy-to-build full-size caboose kits. Real caboose
Want a caboose in your backyard? Have you considered the costs involved?

You can probably get a used caboose for $6,000 to $10,000, and with luck, sometimes even free. Is the unit you find going to be big enough, or too big?

It will likely have to be put into rail-worthy condition just to be delivered to your nearest railroad depot. Who pays for that?

Some cabooses weigh up to 30 tons. You’ll need a crane to lift them off the tracks onto two trucks, one for the undercarriage and another for the car itself. The units must be trucked to your site, where another crane is required to unload them. And how about trucking permits?

You’ll need to prepare a bed of crushed rock, lay cross ties and rails, and then begin to rehab the caboose to fit your needs. Rusted metal and dry-rotted wood must be torn out and replaced. New, larger windows and doors will probably need to be installed, wiring brought up to standard, a bathroom and toilet installed, as well as suitable insulation.

Real caboose

Sounds pretty horrendous, but you‘ll have a pretty nearly restored, authentic caboose that you‘ll be proud of.

But if you don’t really need total authenticity, or if you need a larger, more modern caboose, we have a simpler and much, much cheaper solution. How about one of our replicas?

These are actual buildings that can be engineered to meet all requirements for a building permit anywhere in the U.S.
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