Dogpatch and Western Railroad - The home of easy-to-build full-size caboose kits.
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Dogpatch and Western Railroad - The home of easy-to-build full-size caboose kits.
The following are some commonly asked questions our customers have asked, along with our answers. Hopefully these will help you understand our kits a bit better.

Q. I want to build my own caboose. Where can I buy undercarriages?

Q. How do you make them? What materials do you use? Can I buy them from you?

Q. I want a door on the side rather than one at each end. Is it possible?

Q. What about windows?

Q. Why don't you include them in your kits?

Q. Do I need a contractor to build the kit?

Q. Isn't all that lumber expensive to ship? Why don't I buy that stuff here and save freight?

Q. But do I need any carpentry skills or tools?

Q. What material should I use on my roof?

Q. Should I buy fiberglass from my local building supply dealer?

Q. Why don't you sell complete cabooses with electrical and plumbing already installed?

Q. If I have to buy my own materials and build the kit myself, why do I need you?

Q. OK, how does your kit go together?

Q. Do I need a spiral staircase to get into the cupola?

Q. How much useable space is there? Enough for the kids to sleep in? Enough for a dining area?

Q. Do I need a permanent foundation?

Q. How much will the kit cost?

Q. What about railings at the end? How about grab rails?

Q. Can these kits be mounted on a trailer to serve as a mobile hot dog or burger stand?

Q. Exactly how authentic do your kits look?

Q. Do you sell the rails?

Q. Your prices seem very reasonable. Do you use cheap materials? How can you sell so low?

Q. How do I order?

Q. Do I need a building permit?

Q. Can I ask you any other questions?
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