Dogpatch and Western Railroad - The home of easy-to-build full-size caboose kits.
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Dogpatch and Western Railroad - The home of easy-to-build full-size caboose kits.
Caboose A caboose replica kit from Dogpatch and Western Railroad can serve just about any use you can think of, including:

Guest House

If you're lacking room in your own house and you frequently have guests stay over, a caboose replica kit may be just right. It will cost far less than having an addition built onto your house, and there will be no disruption to your daily living.

Theme Motel and Hotel Unit

A dozen or so caboose replica kits can put you in business quickly and inexpensively, and will give your marketing efforts and fees a boost when you offer a themed hospitality experience. Think "bed and breakfast."

Wilderness Cabin

Need a place to call home when out hunting, fishing or hiking? A replica kit may be just what you need.

Home Office

Install a network cable and you've got a perfect home office, with plenty of room, and plenty of peace and quiet away from the hustle and bustle in your house so you can concentrate on your work. Caboose

Hot Tub Room

By adjusting how high you mount your replica kit, you can install a hot tub in the floor of your caboose so you can enjoy a spa treatment without the hassle of construction in your home.

Home Gym

A few pieces of exercise equipment, a stereo and a TV set and you're good to go for exercising without the hassles of going to a membership gym.

Home Workshop

If your garage is actually being used to keep your vehicles out of the elements, our caboose replica kits make excellent home workshops.

Art Studio

A Dogpatch and Western Railroad kit can provide you with the space you need to practice your art in peace and quiet, whether it's painting, sculpting, photography, dance or any other art. Caboose

Childrens' Playhouse

Imagine the excitement your kids will feel when they see a full-sized caboose they can call their own.

Garden Shed

Need a place to store your riding mower, garden tools, mulch or even seedlings? A caboose replica is perfect for that.

Storage Unit

Rather than renting a storage unit away from home, our caboose replica kits can provide a weatherproof solution to your storage needs.
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